Shohreh has been well traveled and cultured throughout her life. After spending her early years in Iran and Germany, she moved to the United States at the age of 21 to study aviation. After establishing a very successful career in aviation, she found herself wanting a greater challenge and an opportunity to show off her creative side. 
It did not take long for her love of photography to come out in full bloom. After spending countless hours studying the finer points of photography on her own, she realized that she could create her own unique images in the world of digital art. After a short period of time, her talent was quickly recognized as she won several awards in both photography and digital art. 
Due to her exposure to life in different countries and cultures, Shohreh has been able to use her life experiences to reconnect with her creative side, which shines through in her photographs and digital paintings. 
The people she photographs, are not just photographic objects to her. They are real people, who have dreams and emotions. That is where one can truly appreciate the essence of her work on so many levels. Shohreh’s work comes from her own dreams, imagination and inspirations. Great artists do not just create, they are able to become inspired by the people and places they come into contact with throughout their lifetime. 
Her gentle and warm demeaner can make any hesitant person feel comfortable and confident in front of the lens. She never enters a photo shoot without first working to understand her clients on a deep level. She has an innate ability to match their personality with a creative look and setting that highlights that person’s inner self. 
However, it is through her digital painting, where admirers can truly grasp her immense talent. There is something magical about how the random lines, colors, brushes, and shapes she creates that become beautiful images in front of our eyes. 
Shohreh’s philosophy is simple. We all dream about something we want to achieve in life. Through imagination, patience, and faith, we are all able to see our dreams come to fruition. You can create anything you want in life. The question is, how do you get from having a dream to seeing it come true? Shohreh’s answer to this is: IMAGINATION!
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